Woman Helps Save Puppies Stranded in the Snow

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Kat Perry and Cory Holt will take a unique sledding trip in the Ant Flat area of ​​Utah. They never expected to be heroes that day, but when they found an unexpected surprise, they knew they had to help. While they were riding the sled, they encountered the beautiful Great Pyrenees, encircling three puppies. The dogs seemed to be trapped in the snow. It is clear that they want help, but they are afraid.

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Save the Puppy

Perry tries to approach the dogs, but she has no food to offer them. So, the mother dog is careful and refuses to approach. Perry and Holt knew that they would not be able to lure dogs like that, so they decided to return the next day to try again.

Mother and children were found almost 3 miles away from where they first saw Perry. This time, he brought some food and a chest to make sure he managed to save the dogs. Fortunately, the Weber District search and rescue team happened to be nearby. The team usually does not rescue dogs, they are happy to help.

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The search and rescue team brought a sled to help bring the puppies to safety. They can save all puppies, placing them in safe crates on the sled.

Unfortunately, the mother ran away before they could save her too. The search and rescue team said that they would return to look for mother, but so far, she has not been found. They will continue to watch over him, and if he is found, he will be taken to rescue with his children.

Image: Kat Perry Facebook

Adopt This Puppy!

Now, all puppies are safe and free from the cold. They are around 7 weeks old, and they look very healthy.

Perry is now very concerned about them, and as they grow older, he will help them find their home forever. They were all given a decent shower, and now they receive a lot of love and attention. Perry regularly posts updates about puppies on her Facebook page.

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Perry is currently working with the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Montana. After the puppies have received the appropriate vaccinations and have been bathed or neutered, they will be ready to be adopted. Rescue still hopes to find mother too. Once the mother is saved and once she receives the medical care she needs, she will be ready to be adopted as well.

Posted by Kat Perry on Monday, December 2, 2019

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