Selfless Man Drives Over 1,000 Miles To Reunite A Terminal Ill Woman With Her Dog

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The life of a Wisconsin woman was torn when she learned that she was seriously ill, and that she and her puppy had to move to a friend's house across the country for help during her last days. What looked like a nightmare became even more heartbreaking when the airline dumped its dog.

Staff at the airline explained to the desperate woman that because of the "pale face" of her dog, she would not be able to fly with him because of the risk of respiratory distress. Because he needed immediate help, and was seriously ill, he had no choice but to drop his puppy to the vet's office.

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When the woman drops her beloved friend at the veterinarian's office, she explains the situation of being hopeless. The friendly staff at the clinic promised that they would do anything to help reunite the two, and reach out to Spot's Last Stop Canine Rescue for help.

Last Stop Canine Rescue Spot is an organization based in Minnesota that helps grow homeless dogs, find them loving homes, and everything in between! Once they began to share this woman's story with previous adopters through their program, they recruited the help of a selfless man who was dedicated to "paying him forward."

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Ryan Chukuske is an advocate for being kind to others and helping people in need as often as possible. As soon as he heard the details of this sad situation, he stepped without hesitation. This dog is what all women who are terminally ill leave behind, and he can't stand the thought of not being together during his last days.

Ryan immediately set out on a cross-country adventure to reunite a beloved puppy named Bailey with his beloved person. You would think Bailey was a professional throughout this trip, because he was driving a gun without a trace of fear!

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"This is Bailey. The person moved to the state of Washington to prepare for his journey to the next life. The airline will not fly the dog so we will travel to take the puppy with his mother. Be nice to others. Journey on my friends! "- Ryan

The two of them soaked in the view of the Northwest Pacific for 3 days on their long journey together, and before they knew it, Bailey was in the arms of caring friends who would care for the sick woman during her final life stage.

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Ryan was unable to meet a sick woman because he was treated at the ICU during their time on the road, but he was grateful for the opportunity to help. Everyone hoped that Bailey's mother would be discharged from the hospital and soon be reunited with her hairy best friend!

We were amazed by Ryan's unconditional actions to give the woman the opportunity to have her loyal partner by her side during this difficult time. We send all our love their way!

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